When and where are the meetings? We currently meet quarterly at the Hood River Hotel, 102 SW Oak Street in downtown Hood River, Oregon. Social hour happens from 5:00 to 6:00 pm, and meeting business lasts from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

What happens at the meetings? Each general meeting begins with a social hour—a time to grab a drink or a snack, network, socialize, and connect with others. (Drinks and snacks are available for purchase.) The meeting agenda begins with announcements, updates from our committees and affiliated groups, and a program or workshop based on topics of interest. See the Gorge Resistance Calendar for the meeting program topic.

Can I bring my kids? Our meeting space at the Hood River Hotel is open to children, but be aware that our monthly meetings do not have a very kid-friendly agenda. CGWAN has hosted and will continue to host more family-friendly events, such as sign-making and letter-writing parties.

Can men be part of this group? We are a women’s activist group. We strive to amplify the power of women’s voices, knowledge, and leadership, and to channel our collective energies into meaningful action. Male allies are welcome and appreciated at public events hosted by CGWAN, and are welcome to sign up for our Action Alert newsletter. There are several other local groups open to men that are working on similar issues, including Indivisible Columbia Gorge-Oregon.

Do I have to join Facebook in order to be part of CGWAN? No, you can contact us directly to receive news about meetings and events, sign up to receive the weekly Action Alert, check our website for updates, and, most importantly, come to our meetings to spend time with us in person! If you would like to be added to our closed Facebook group, go to Columbia Gorge Women’s Action Network and request to be added.

Does CGWAN focus on issues from both Oregon and Washington? Yes. CGWAN is bi-state! Our committees focus on issues in local government, school districts and the state legislatures in both states.

Is CGWAN affiliated with a political party? No, we are a non-partisan organization: We do not endorse political candidates or parties. We promote the values we care about, which we consider to be fundamentally American: democracy, human rights for all, free and fair media, and a safe environment. We work with all who share those values.